Kaka‘ako Blue Tiger

Jun 18, 2021 | Blog

Artist: Kim Sielbeck

Shhhh! A blue tiger stalks the wall amid lush jungle foliage under the starry night sky and full moon near the corner of Cooke and Pohukaina Streets. You can almost imagine the gentle rustling of leaves as the tiger purrs softly while stealthily stalking its prey.

The bright blues, greens, pink, white and black make this whimsical mural a delight to the eyes. Artist Kim Sielbeck is a household name in the design business. Her fun, lively and colorful illustrations of animals, people, nature and inspirational messages can be found on packaging, clothing, in magazines and on murals across the world. Sielbeck was influenced by her early years as a child growing up in Hawai‘i and moved back in 2017 after spending eleven years in New York City.

The Blue Tiger mural is located on Block D of Our Kaka‘ako, which is one of the five blocks slated for eventual redevelopment under Increment II of Kamehameha Schools’ Kaiāulu ʻo Kaka‘ako Master Plan. The other blocks include Blocks C, G, H, and I.