Kaiāulu ‘o Kaka‘ako Owners Association (KOKA)

About KOKA

The Kaiāulu ‘o Kaka‘ako Owners Association (KOKA) is a nonprofit organization that works closely with Kamehameha Schools to ensure the overall Our Kaka‘ako community is an attractive, progressive, and desirable place to live, work, play, and visit. KOKA looks over plans for future development projects within the Kaiāulu ‘o Kaka‘ako Master Plan (KKMP) to ensure they take into account established guidelines that preserve the sense of continuity and cohesiveness. All owners of developed parcels within the KKMP community are members of KOKA.

This special place has attracted a diverse community of residents and businesses, a lasting trait from Kaka‘ako’s history rooted in industry, immigration, innovation, and identity. As Our Kaka‘ako continues to grow, KOKA remains committed to ensuring all residents benefit from living in this vibrant, urban island community that honors the Hawaiian values, culture, and sense of place that form its foundation.

Here’s what a few residents have to say about living in Our Kaka‘ako:

“I like that everything’s very walkable here. It feels safe. It feels welcoming. It has a lot of cool energy about this area.”

– Jordan

“It’s a really exciting urban community, and it’s a place where people can get a taste of being integrated with local culture, local people, and some unique stores and shops here.”

– Monica

“It’s a very interesting cross section of people. We thought it was going to be a lot of folks from elsewhere, but it’s a lot of folks from Hawai‘i like ourselves who are empty nesters, or they just want a change and come into town and enjoy all the nice things that are here.“

– Kevin

A Look at KOKA

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